Winito Server Migration Announcement

Posted: April 16, 2017 by Winito Inc. in Announcement
We are migrating our server infrastructure to a more secure and reliable location in the cloud. The migration will start Saturday, April 29th at 9PM EST with an estimated completion time of 9AM EST the following morning.
The systems will be operational and websites will be available for viewing during the migration. However during this 12 hour window, any changes made to your team will not be reflected on the new site post-migration. Therefore, we ask that you do not make any changes to the site during this 12 hour window.
If we purchased and managed your domain (website url) on your behalf, you have nothing more to do, simply refrain from making updates during the12 hour migration window.
If you own and manage your domain outside of Winito Athletics, you will have to point your domain to our new IP address on Sunday, April 30 after 9AM.  The new IP will come in a future communication closer to the date of the actual migration. 
We do apologize for any inconvenience caused by this upgrade. However, overall it will make Winito Athletics a better service.
If you have any questions about the migration, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Otherwise, please expect further communications regarding this upgrade, as well as a note when work begins and work completes.
Thanks as always for your business!
Winito Athletics Team

Ustream Instructions

Posted: November 26, 2013 by connorohalloran in Announcement

Winito Athletics is now providing a way for teams and organizations to broadcast games live on their Winito Athletics websites for free via UStream! Follow the directions below to to create a UStream account and start broadcasting your games so no one misses out on the action.

If you have an existing UStream account you can copy/paste the URL below. If not, create an account by following these instructions.

Click here to be directed to the Ustream Sign Up

Ustream Sign Up


Create your title for your channel i.e. “Panther Football Games 2013”

We suggest using the category “high school sports”.

Under your adobe flash player setting click Allow. This will allow UStream access to your microphone and camera.

Copy / paste the “Your URL” URL into the Winito platform in your Manage tab to link your Ustream account to your Winito Athletics website.


Att this point your Ustream account will be connected to your Winito Athletics website.  All you have to do to brodcast your games is download the Usteram app on your iPhone or Android device and start streaming your games at that time.

Benefits of Winito Athletics

Posted: November 1, 2013 by sammulderig in Announcement

Winito Athletics Benefits

 Managing an athletic team or program takes time, organization, and devotion. Many times, a team’s manager is wearing multiple hats (director, coach, teacher, parent, etc.) and the team’s communication system falls to the back burner. Winito Athletics provides a professional, user friendly-website designed to improve the quality of your athletic program, without the burden of tedious site maintenance.

Winito Athletics has features that allow teams to communicate efficiently, fundraise, market their program and players, archive photos, videos and news articles and also promote community and student involvement; in turn, the man (or woman) with the many hats can have a one-stop-shop website that solves all their day to day needs and keeps everyone in the program on the same page.


Communication between coaches, players, parents and fans allows an athletic program to run fluently. Winito Athletics websites include features to assist in the elimination of communication barriers. A Winito Athletics website admin is able to send text messages and/or emails from the website or mobile-friendly site to coaches, players, fans and parents. Game and practice changes will be sent out automatically, eliminating the calling tree and headache involved with schedule changes.


 Fundraising, for most teams, is vital to the success of that program. An athletic program costs money so having some successful fundraisers will benefit every member of an athletic program.  Winito Athletics provides three different fundraisers that can provide a boost for any program.

  1. 1.   Prep Sportswear Team Store
  2. 2.   PayPal Integration for donations
  3. 3.   Ability to sell sponsorship

Team Store

 The desire to wear a team’s sporting apparel, in order to support a team, is abundant within an athlete’s relatives and fans. Wearing apparel to encourage a team creates a sense of pride within an organization.  Additionally the organization is able to market and reinforce brand recognition through the influential means of sporting apparel. With a subscription of a Winito Athletics website, a team can create a Team Store for free that show up on the top navigation bar as well as a banner advertisement.  No time is wasted setting up an apparel stand or manually distributing order forms, everything is done directly on the website and Prep Sportswear deals with all the shipping and handling.

Example Prep Sportswear Team Store

Example Prep Sportswear Team Store

Winito clients get 15% commission of all sales generated through the Winito Athletics website and Prep Sportswear provides over 600 different items to choose from.

PayPal Donations

Another way for a team to generate funds is through the means of team and player donations. Teams can utilize Winito Athletics PayPal donate feature by displaying the yellow donate button prominently on their home page. This feature also allows an athlete to send a link to their player profile that has the donate button displayed directly on their player profile page. A player’s fans can catch up on their stats and browse the team website before making a donation.

PayPal Example


Sponsorship packages are always ideal for the local businesses and are a great fundraiser for athletic programs. Sponsors benefit from teams using Winito Athletics because their webpage contains a separate tab dedicated to Sponsors. All sponsors also scroll across the bottom of the website as well. The increased benefit to the sponsor correlates to an increased funding for the team.

 Marketing/Player Profiles

Winito Athletics is highly beneficial to an aspiring collegiate athlete. Highlight videos and player profiles are extremely popular in the recruiting process. Most players post their tape to video sharing websites and send college coaches the link. With a Winito Athletic website, potential recruits can post their highlight video on their personal profile page as well as their career statistics and direct college coaches to that page. College coaches then have access to a professional layout of a player’s picture, statistics, bio an highlight video. Here is an example of a player using the Winito Athletics Profile Page to its full potential.

Sending a college coach a player profile allows the coach to browse the website in its entirety, subsequently, giving other members of the team exposure.

Along with impressing a college coach, a professional website portrays the image that a team is serious and devoted to their sport. Winito Athletics includes, but is not limited to, features displaying leader boards, and team records, to demonstrate a team’s dedication to the organization. A professional website will attract dedicated players seeking to commit to a team serious about their organization.

 Example Leaderboard

Community/Student Involvement

 Winito Athletics does not exclusively provide opportunities for athletes but for students and community members as well. It is not uncommon for student managers and booster club members to be a significant part of an athletic team. Winito Athletics creates bountiful learning opportunities for these student managers and aspiring journalism students. With access to the website, student managers will learn organizational skills, how to update and manage a website, how to record statistical information and can also get an opportunity to write game recaps and news articles.

One of Winito Athletics client’s, Beech High School, TN has their Sports Marketing classes update and maintain their website.  Between their five Sports Marketing classes, the website is kept up to date with rosters, news articles, game scores and announcements.  Admins of the site can assign administrators to be an admin of the entire athletic website or just an individual team.


Storing records, statistics, videos, photos and other valuable information is invaluable to an athletic program.  Winito Athletics provides unlimited storage space for photos, videos and new articles and automatically archives all this information by season so every player gets something to show for when their playing days are over and so players can come back and check all their team’s memories long after they graduate.

 Winito Athletics is more than a website.  It’s a one-stop shop for any athletic program.  It solves the day to day needs for any athletic program and truly benefits every member of an athletic organization.  Whether you are an entire athletic department, an AAU basketball team or a Little League baseball team, Winito Athletics provides a user-friendly platform that will keep an athletic program on the same page and moving in the right direction.

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Effective Fundraising

Posted: October 21, 2013 by sammulderig in Announcement

In my years of experience as a former coach and player, nothing raises funds the way an apparel sale does! Fan gear has always been a huge part of every program I participated in and the reasons are two-fold; (1) every mom, dad, uncle and grandma wants to wear their athlete’s logo front row and center on their chest. (2) There is a sense of pride seeing someone rocking your team’s mascot on their t-shirt!  Additionally the club is able to market themselves and reinforce brand recognition through the influential means of sporting apparel. There just may be some truth in the saying “you look good, you play good”. Check out the Alton Redbirds Baseball’s team store they created for a great example of the Winito Athletics fundraising features. Also look at their impressive clothing banner advertisement on left side of their homepage.

Prep Sportswear Banner Advertisement

Prep Sportswear Banner Advertisement

The Alton Redbird’s and every Winito Athletics client earns 15% commission on all sales generated from their site and they don’t have to deal with shipping, handling or inventory.

Another way for a team to generate funds is through the means of player and team donations. Throughout my years of playing sports, I found that the most effective way to collect donations is by asking close relatives or friends for small contributions.  They are happy to donate knowing that the money is going to a good cause.  Rougher Softball (Muskogee HS, OK) utilizes Winito Athletics PayPal donate feature by displaying the yellow donate button on the left hand side of their home page. This feature also allows an athlete to send a link to their player profile that has the donate button displayed directly on their profile page. A player’s fan can catch up on their stats and browse the team website before making a donation!  it also saves the trouble of writing a check and putting it in the mail.

Sponsorship packages are also a great fundraising tool. Organizations can offer to print an ad for the sponsoring business in their Roster Booklet, print their logo on a Sponsor banner that the team carries with them game to game, or hang the banner in the team’s training facility. An organization can also get a website and provide an a company logo, link to their website and contact information. Sponsors benefit from teams using Winito Athletics because their webpage has a feature that allows extra advertisement running across the bottom of their team’s website. Temecula Valley High School Bears have their sponsors displayed proudly on their homepage , notice the scrolling banners across the bottom of the page and the dedicated “Sponsors” tab.

Temecula Valley Baseball - Sponsors Tab

Temecula Valley Baseball – Sponsors Tab

Generating funds for a team is not as stressful as some may think if executed properly. Although some see fundraising as a way of asking strangers for money, it is more of an opportunity for people to show their support for an organization and their loved ones. Fans, family and sponsors enjoy seeing the teams they cheer for succeed which makes fundraising easy, especially through the usage of Winito Athletics!

Be a Stand Out Recruit

Posted: September 30, 2013 by sammulderig in Tips & Advise

Almost any athlete that wishes to play at the collegiate level will go through the recruiting process. At first, the idea of being recruited by a college coach can be intimidating and an athlete may feel elevated stress to impress a coach. When the pressure to impress begins keep in mind a few of these helpful tips.

The most vital idea to remember during the recruiting process is to always assume someone is watching you. This thought can be interpreted as a negative or positive (I like to think of the glass being half full in this scenario).   Whether it be the last inning of 0-0 game with a runner on third, or just a pre game warm up, what you do during these moments can affect a coach’s recruitment decision. During a pre game warm up, if a college coach sees a player working hard,  hustling after every ball, and getting their team pumped up for game time, that player already left a favorable impression on the coach before the game even began. Utilize the pre game warm up as an opportunity to showcase your skills and attributes because a college coach can learn a lot about a player just from watching them stretch and take batting practice before a game.

When you are in the midst of the recruiting process always bring your best attitude to the plate. It is impossible to say what exactly a college coach looks for in their recruits because each coach is looking for various qualities; having a strong presence on the field will only help you get noticed by a coach. Display your passion and love for the game by cheering on teammates and keeping the energy high. My college coach would always tell my team to focus on “controlling the controllable”. In softball or baseball you may not have one ball hit to you all game but attitude is one thing an athlete has complete control over during a game. Use your attitude to your advantage because, although talent and statistics are essential to a coach, they also pay attention to the details.

Having a college coach come to see you play can be nerve racking, however, try not to let your nerves get the best of you. Pressing to make an outstanding play just to impress a coach could ultimately be your downfall. Instead, channel that excited energy into playing hard. A college coach knows that a single game does not define an athlete so be sure to not put too much pressure on yourself throughout the game. Play to win and because you love being on the field, this confidence will surely be recognizable to a college coach.

Being recruited is a climatic moment in a young athletes life. The actions and decisions made now can contribute to an athlete’s future college career. This process should be new and exciting for a player, not strenuous. Keep these valuable tips in mind during the process to become a stand out recruit.

Mental Toughness

Posted: September 25, 2013 by sammulderig in Announcement

To perform at a top level an athlete might find themselves hitting the gym daily, practicing fundamentals, and developing mechanics; all of which are a significant part of improving one’s performance. However, when game day arrives a true separation from being average and being great is  mental toughness. A strong mental game is underrated yet vital for an athlete’s success.

As a former collegiate softball player, I understand the importance of being mentally tough and how developing a tenacious mental game can be the deciding factor between a win and a loss. A major factor that can throw a player’s mental game off the tracks is the one thing every competitive athlete despises; failure. Failure is inevitable in every sport, and how an athlete responds to failure can define their career. When failure or the fear of failure occurs and emotions are high a player may become nervous, anxious, upset, or angry (I too was once a victim of these emotions). When these feelings begin to swell in your gut, put your blinders on, stay focused and do not let them stop you from accomplishing your goal to win.

In softball, a game where a player fails more than they succeed at the plate, many coaches preach about “having a short memory”.  The best players do not dwell on their failures, they learn from them and then forget about them. At times it may be hard to forget about a mistake because of negative reactions from a coach or teammate, this is where your mental toughness is utilized. When I make an error in the outfield, after the play is over, I pick a blade of grass and throw it. I tell myself as soon as I let go of the piece of grass that I’m done thinking about the previous error and I get ready for the next ball.

Mental toughness is all about having confidence in your ability. When you feel your mentality become shaky and  weak, tap into your confidence. Confidence comes from knowing that you did everything you could do to prepare to face your opponent. If you do not let failure erode your confidence then you are sure to have a vigorous mental game. Staying positive and confident in moments of weakness is the true test of an athlete.

Mental toughness truly separates the good from the great.  Working on mental toughness and having the ability to have a short memory is the most underrated attribute in sports.  If you are doubting yourself, think about times in your career when you have been successful and remember that you are only playing a game that you love.  Every athlete deals with doubting themselves but the athletes that have lengthy careers are the ones that bounce back from their failures.  Remember that you are always playing a game you love and try not to think too much.  Thinking about what will happen next is the worst thing you can do.  Envision your success and try to think about what you will do after you successfully reach first base or make a great play in the field.  You are always only play play away from breaking your slump so keep your head up.

Cathedral Prep’s Marlon Tyree commits to Bowling Green

Posted: August 22, 2013 by brettpalladino34 in Announcement

MarlonTyreeCathedral Prep’s standout safety has made a verbal commitment to join The Bowling Green Falcons. Marlon finished an impressive 2012 campaign for Cathedral with 50 tackles and 3 interceptions.  The Bowling Green Falcons are one of Iowa’s finest division 1 football programs. The Falcons have won ten MAC conference championships and a National Championship. As a member of the Falcons Marlon will be competing in the Mid American Conference in the East Division.

 Standing 6’2 180 lbs Marlon is physically ready to take the next step in his career but his mental development is what separates him from the crowd.  Marlon has made a point to mention academics is a big part of his decision to join Bowling Green.  His maturity is one of the many reasons we think Marlon will be very successful at the next level.

You can check out Marlons player profile here Marlon Tyree Player Profile

You can check out the Cathedral Prep website here

We wish Cathedral Prep and Marlon best of luck in their upcoming season.

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