6 Things every High School Athletes Parents Should Know

Posted: July 26, 2011 by connorohalloran in Tips & Advise

This blog entry aims to help the parents of high school athletes across the country. I will outline a few astonishing facts that will help every parent of a high school athlete plan for their  son or daughter’s future.

  1. There is 22 times more academic aid available than athletic scholarships.(source: pitchengine.com) This means  that student athletes and their parents should not be focusing on getting an athletic scholarship, but instead getting good grades and finding a college that is a good fit academically and financially.
  2. Four year full ride scholarships are a myth.  The NCAA has stated that all full ride athletic scholarships are on a one year basis and it is at the coaches discretion to renew a full ride scholarship at the end of each year.  Coaches that offer a four year full ride scholarship are not telling the truth. (source: pitchengine.com)
  3.  It is almost impossible for Division 1  athletes to participate in internships or to study abroad.  D1 schedules are very demanding when you consider the amount of time each athlete has to spend at practice/games and when you add class hours and study time, there is virtually no time for internships or studying abroad.
  4. Many college coaches think that hiring an athletic recruiter is a waste of money.  Most coaches want to interact with the athletes themselves and their parents.  Don’t waste your money on a recruiter, but instead, educate yourself on the recruiting process.  Visit Intelligent Recruiting http://www.intelligentrecruiting.org/resources.html   and www.recruit-me.com for some valuable facts and information about the recruiting process.
  5. Many college coaches and athletic directors believe that the best way to reach out to a college coach initially is via email.  Introduce yourself and explain why you are interested and what your intentions are.  Attach a youtube highlight video if you have one.  Also include your GPA, ACT and SAT scores and your athletics profile, something like this http://www.winitoathletics.com/ClubPlayerData.aspx?userId=54338&clubId=48801&.
  6. It’s a lot harder for your son or daughter to be found by a coach if they do not have some sort of a player profile online.  It is very difficult to get recruited or even walk on for any  college program.  If you only reach out to five, ten or fifteen schools of your choice, your chances of playing college athletics are limited.  If you have a profile online you can be found by coaches without doing any work.  Winito Athletics (www.winitoathletics.com) provides online platforms for student-athletes for over 20 different sports.  If you are a soccer mom/big sports fan you should check out Winito Athletics demo video and get an idea on how things could be done.

These are only a few things that all parents of high school athletes should know.  We want to hear from you.  Please comment on this blog post so we can educate as many parents of high school athletes as possible.


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