5 Great Ways To Leverage Volunteers For Your Athletic Program

Posted: September 13, 2011 by connorohalloran in Announcement

American’s love sports, and if you are an Athletic Director or coach, you should take advantage of the volunteer help from the sports fans that are ready and willing.   Whether  it is little league baseball or high school football, people love getting involved in their community’s athletic programs.  Parents, booster club members and volunteers donate their time and money for any number of  reasons and below you will see five great ways to take your program to the next level, by leveraging your volunteers:

  1. Help out with fundraisers  With hard economic times and budget cuts all across the country, fundraisers are becoming vital for almost every program and team.  Get a single parent to lead the charge on fundraising, or if your program is large enough, start fundraising committee.  There are hundreds of different ways to fundraise for your program  and if you have a parent or team of volunteers  spearheading your fundraisers, your fundraisers will be more successful with the dedicated volunteers.  Check out this link for some good fundraising opportunities  http://www.fundraiserinsight.org/ideas/
  2. Updating your website  You can put volunteers in charge of different aspects of your site, from aggregating and collecting news articles, to updating scores or even schedule updates. If you don’t have a website for your team or athletic department, you should get one.  There are several website providers out there that can provide your team or athletic department with a professional-looking website, but if you want something that’s specifically designed for athletic programs, you should check us out Winito Athletics (www.winitoathletics.com) for your team or athletic department.  You can check out one of Winito Athletics clients website’s here www.ghchsathletics.com  With a parent or booster club member updating your website, every member of your athletic family will always know what’s going on.  If you have a fundraiser or game coming up, let everyone know via your website.  I like Winito Athletics online platform because not only do they keep everyone in the loop as to what is going on in your program, but they give each athlete something to show for when their playing days are over.  They also help out with fundraising and building and maintaining an alumni base for all their clients.
  3. Use your parents and community members connections  It’s not what you know, but who you know. Make a list of all of the products and services that your team or athletic program needs. Put a volunteer in charge of asking each team member for connections to broaden the reach of your athletic community. Leverage your community’s connections to see if you can get good deals on uniforms, equipment, post-game snacks, sponsorships and anything that might help your team.  There is a good chance that the parent of a player on your team has some connections that will be beneficial for your team.
  4. Volunteers can help coach  Ask some parents to help coach.  Many parents would love to help out any way that they can and many of the parents of the kids playing on your teams are former athletes themselves.  Some of the best coaches I have every played for or coached with were volunteer coaches.  Volunteers are often great coaches because they genuinely love what they are doing, they wouldn’t be volunteering their time if they didn’t.  Ask at the beginning of each season if there are any parents that are willing to help out, you will be surprised how much help some volunteers can be. The volunteers can help to run drills, while the head coach can focus on more strategic aspects of the game.
  5. Volunteers are good planners  If you think of volunteers as an extension of your team, you will get a lot more done. Spending a little time to brainstorm the needs of your athletic program will create a long list of things that they can lead the charge on and just report back to you regularly. Whether it is fundraising, team-building activities, sponsor outreach or alumni communications, volunteers are a great resource.

These are only five great ways as to how you can take advantage of volunteers in your athletic program.  There are hundreds of others way to take advantage of volunteers in your community and we would love to here some of these ways from you.  Please post your comments below so our readers can learn other useful ways to take advantage of volunteers’ time and dedication to athletic programs.


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