Winito 1.9 Released

Posted: October 31, 2011 by Winito Inc. in Announcement, Development

Despite numerous potential distractions, including the Baseball World Series, NFL, our fantasy leagues and of course enjoying Halloween weekend, the Winito team has somehow found the time to release a number of features to make your websites even better!

We listened and here are all the new features that we have introduced in our latest updates.

1. Better Gallery View for your Team Pages

You can now choose to switch between two different gallery views on your team pages.

View 1: Scrolling Pictures View , Example :

View 2: Gallery View , Example :

You can switch between these views on a team by team basis from your Manage Club -> Update Club Preferences. By default, this is set to Scrolling Pictures but you can change it to Gallery View too.

These galleries are extremely iPad / tablet friendly too!

2. Your main website landing page also has a better gallery. With the old gallery, your pictures were getting stretched making the pictures look ugly and disproportionate. With our new improved implementation this has been fixed. Here is an example

3. The Stats Leaderboard is now optional. You can now disable leaderboards on a team by team basis by going to Manage Club -> Update Club Preferences -> Enable Leaderboard. Please remember, this is different from “Enable Statistics”. Enable Statistics will enable or disable Statistics across the board for a team page.


Keep sending us your valuable feedback and we’ll continue to improve your website and community experience.

Winito Athletics Team


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