Turn A Love of Sports Into A Love Of Fundraising

Posted: November 4, 2011 by connorohalloran in Tips & Advise

The parents and fans of your athletes are often the biggest sports fans, spending countless hours watching the games and discussing them with their friends. By plugging into your community’s love for sports, you can fundraise more effectively because you know your donors are having fun while donating.

Fantasy Fundraisers: Help organize a fantasy league where a percentage of the winnings going to your athletic program. If you take charge of collecting all of the money at the beginning of the season, your program will have the money up front and will pay out the designated percentage to the winners at the end of the season.

Betting Pools: Create a betting pool every weekend /month and give a percentage of the winnings to the athletic program. This will be very successful during football season, March Madness and any playoff season.

Game Watching Parties: Organize game watching parties and charge people a small fee to attend. If you get a local business to sponsor the food and beverages, all of the fees you collect will be profits. It’s always

Sports Memorabilia Auction: Hosting a sports memorabilia auction is always fun. It gets the older generation sharing about the good old days of sports and their favorite sports heroes from childhood. Collect donations and hold an auction, or sell the bulk of goods to a memorabilia store to turn a quick buck.

Texas Hold’em: Hosting a Texas Hold’em poker tournament will draw a huge crowd and can raise you a lot of money for your athletic program.  If you market this event correctly you can extend your reach to the avid poker crowd looking to turn a few bucks.

Now that you know a few ways to involve everyone in your fundraisers the next step is to market them correctly. When you have a team website with Winito Athletics, you’ll be able to collect email addresses to extend the reach of your athletic program and fundraise from each and every player’s profile.

Good luck and happy fundraising this season!


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