Sports Fundraising Through Mentoring

Posted: November 7, 2011 by connorohalloran in Tips & Advise

We love it when fundraising can be fun, educational and help build the next generation of athletes. This idea certainly is a team fundraising winner!

Once a year, or maybe once a season, each team in your sports organization should hold a mentoring training session for the next generation of athletes. We know your athletes may seem like they don’t listen at times, or they’re just too cool for school, but years of training do rub off and they have a lot of knowledge they can share with prospective athletes.

One of the things we love about mentoring is that everyone has the ability to learn, including your mentors. Through mentoring, it’s often the mentor who ends up reminding himself of best practices and thing he could be doing better himself. I’ve  seen athletes come out of a slump by mentoring a younger athlete because it gets them back to basics and boosts their confidence at the same time.

There are a variety of ways to structure the program. This is what we recommend:

  • Pick 3 drills for offense and 3 drills for defense and review them with your athletes in preparation for mentoring
  • Divide your athletes into 6 groups and divide your participant mentees into 6 groups
  • The athletes on your team will stay put to teach the drills, while the mentees will rotate through each of the 6 stations
  • Dedicate 20-30 for each rotation and ensure that the ratio of mentees to mentors is low, so that each mentee gets lots of pointers and opportunities to get feedback during the drills
  • The parents of younger athlete mentees will pay $20-$30 for this kind of personal training because they know that their young athletes look up to older ones. For a full day clinic, they might even pay much more because it’s for such a good cause!
  • You can organize the scrimmage game at the end so athletes can put their new drills into play right away. Or you can do something fun, like mentees vs mentors!

How to market the program:

  • Check your facilities schedule to see when you have a 2-3 hour slot available on the various courts and fields where the mentoring will take place
  • Decide the age groups for your mentees, a 2-3 year age range somewhere between the  ages of 6  – 13 works best
  • Send out announcements via email, Twitter and Facebook and ask parents with kids in programs of the target age to spread the word
  • Print out flyers and hand them out to  elementary schools, middle schools, recreation centers, grocery stores and highly trafficked areas
  • Have your athletes reach out to elementary and middle schools they went to in order to spread the word

If you have a school or team website powered by Winito Athletics, you can send out the invitations to this Mentoring Fundraiser to your email, Facebook and twitter contacts via your Winito Athletics school or team website.  With a few clicks of your mouse, you can send a group email and or text message to every member of your athletic family.  That’s right, athletic director, coaches, players, fans, parents and alumni can all get notifications about fundraisers and donate to your program as well at the same time.

If you haven’t seen the Winito Athletics Team Website & League Demo, you have to visit our website and take a look at our demo so you can see the true power and value of our product.

If you’ve run a mentoring fundraiser and have tips to share, we’d love to hear from you!


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