Team Website Staff Roles & Hierarchy.

Posted: February 26, 2012 by Winito Inc. in Announcement

Making web applications that are easy to use has always been a challenge because of the trade offs you have to make on flexibility v/s simplicity.

For a while have struggled with getting a good way of managing the numerous roles in a team, for eg. Head Coach,  Coach, Asst. Coach, Statisticians, Photographers, Volunteers, Managers, Special Coaches and the list keeps growing.

So here is the deal.

Hierarchy in which staff members are displayed are as follows.

1. Athletic Administrator

2. Athletic Director

3. Head Coach

4. Coach

5. Asst. Coach

6. Volunteer Coach

7.  Athletic Trainer

8. Photographer

9. Manager

10. Booster

We know there are many other positions and title, so we now give you a way to specify your own title. All you do is pick one of the roles from above and specify your own title. The hierarchy is governed by the list above. Simple!

You can now have a fully formattable biography as well!

Your feedback keeps us going, please keep them coming!

  1. Jacky Crann says:

    If a staff member is deleted by mistake, how do you put them back on the staff list? If they are already created, you cannot recreate a new account. We tried and it says that person is already a staff member. HOw do you put them back on the staff roster? thank you

    • Winito Inc. says:

      Hello Jacky,
      Thanks for the question. If you use the same email you should be able to readd the staff member. If you are having trouble with this, please call our support number and they will help you with this.

      Thanks again.

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