Winito 2.2 Released !! Check for bells and whistles

Posted: April 16, 2012 by Winito Inc. in Announcement

Spring season is well on the way and we have been working very hard to get you the next set of most requested features .

Sponsors at the Institution Level (This feature only applies to customers with more than one team).

We know you have been using Sponsor feature at the team level for a while now and we also know that sponsors on the institution level have been missing. You can know add sponsors on your entry page. Its simple, click Manage->Add Sponsors. When you add sponsors at this level, each of your teams will automatically have these sponsors as well.

Team Store

If you are interested in fundraising and raise 15% commission of all merchandize sale on your team store, please contact our support department and they will help you set this up.

Club Chat Feature

If you don’t use of our club chat feature, you can now disable it from your team preferences section.

Latest Updates Feature

We know some of you have asked for latest updates feature to be optional. It is now, you can disable it from your team preferences section.

Scrolling Sponsors

This is turned off by default but if you wish your sponsor logos to be present on most pages and be scrolling at the bottom, please feel free to turn this feature on from team and institution preferences.

Countdown Clock

You can now have a countdown clock on your team! Check your Team Manage Panel to try it out

New Clean UI

We did minor upgrades on our user interface. It is a lot cleaner and easy on the eyes, please send us your feedback!

Launch of our new website

We launched a new design website earlier this month, , what do you think ?

As usual we are busy making minor upgrades and bug fixes. You feedback is very important to us and for the betterment of the product.



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