PA (Plate Appearances) vs AB (At Bats) for Baseball and Softball

Posted: May 3, 2012 by connorohalloran in Blabber Mouth

Why does Winito use Plate Appearances (PA) instead of At Bats (AB) for baseball and softball in our enter game screen?  We have tried to eliminate as much confusion as possible in the enter game screen by requiring coaches/admins to enter a players PA instead of AB.  This way coaches won’t be confused on whether to enter total AB’s or official AB’s.  PA is the same as official At Bats so we have labeled it PA in an attempt to avoid confusion.  Below is a good example that shows a players offensive stats for one game to give you our reasoning.


In a game a player has 4 PA’s, 2 BB, 1 HR and 1 SO.  If you enter in these four stats for a player we will calculate the player’s AVG for the game and season, On Base Percentage for the game and season, Slugging % for the game and season, Total Bases for the game and season and the official AB’s for the game and season.

Using the example above if we used AB instead of PA some coaches would enter 4 AB’s for this player while others would enter 2.

The first coach is thinking that his player had 4 At Bats, 2 walks, 1 Home Run and 1 strikeout.  This coach is right, his player did have 4 At Bats but only 2 of them were official because the player Walked 2 times.

The second coach might look at his players stats and enter the game stats this way: 2 At Bats, 2 Walks, 1 Home Run, and 1 Strikeout.  This coach is also correct, his player had 2 “official” At Bats but since his player Walked twice, his stats would be all screwed up in terms of his batting average and on base percentage.

Due to the example above we use PA instead of AB while entering game scores for Baseball and Softball because we don’t know whether a coach will interpret AB as official AB or total AB.  We calculate the official AB’s for you based on the other statistics you enter so you won’t miss out on any stats.


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