Four Ways to Keep your Off-Season Team Going

Posted: June 28, 2012 by alexkaminetzky in Announcement

What happens when the season ends? Everyone likes to enjoy a nice little break from the sport, whether you’re an athlete, coach, or even a parent that’s tired of driving all over the place.  Good communication between coaches, players,  parents and alumni is key in-between seasons. Follow these 4 steps for greater success both on and off the field.

  1. Encourage workouts: Many athletes show up to their first day of practice out of breath and clutching their knees. It is important for athletes to understand that keeping in shape during the off-season will make the first few weeks of practice less strenuous on their bodies. Athletes will also feel more compelled to work out if they feel like they are falling behind the rest of the pack.  Sending out messages urging the team to organize workouts will definitely benefit the entire program.
  2. Remind parents of required forms: No one wants be the kid who doesn’t get to play a sport because he got his physical in one day late. By sending messages to athletes and parents reminding them to hand in certain forms as the season nears. This will ensure that fewer incidents of kids turning in late forms occurs.
  3. Inform new athletes: Each year, high school sports teams welcome a freshmen class completely new to the high school sports system. Communication with these new students prior to the beginning of the season will make them feel more comfortable in a completely new environment and will also allow them to prepare in anyway that is suggested to them.
  4. Communicate with general fans and alumni: Past players love coming back to see their old team play and friends love coming out to support and cheer for their friends; however, it is common for these past players and friends to run into scheduling conflicts. In order to ensure that they can come to support the team at least once, send out an announcement of the team’s schedule of events. This will allow fans to plan ahead and make arrangements to come see a game, creating a stronger sense of “support for the team”.

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