Three Ways to Keep in Shape During the Off-Season

Posted: July 9, 2012 by alexkaminetzky in Announcement

During the season, staying in shape is easy with team practices and workouts, but after the season ends, how do you stay in shape? Most athletes tend to lose their motivation when they’re not being forced to workout, but no one wants to be the kid 100 meters behind the pack when everyone is running the mile at team tryouts. Here are three ways to stay in shape during the off-season:

  1. Eat Healthy: I always found myself making more regular trips to fast food restaurants after my sports seasons ended.  This is a very easy way to get out of shape. Make sure you maintain a balanced diet which will provide you with sufficient energy levels to continue working out at the same rate as you were during your season. Fatty foods will cause weight gain and make working out more difficult, so stick to healthier foods and restrict your intake of certain unhealthy indulgences.
  2. Engage in Muscle-Building Workouts: In certain sports, the stronger you are, the better your performance. Athletes that partake in sports like Basketball And Football benefit enormously from weightlifting. Create a workout that you can perform at least three days a week so your muscles are more fit to sustain intense pre-season workouts once your season begins. Workouts should include either weightlifting or combinations of pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, planks, leg lifts and squats.
  3. Engage in Cardiovascular Workouts: You should endeavor to sustain your level of aerobic fitness you achieved during your season by incorporating running, bicycling, swimming and or jump-roping into a daily workout routine. This is the most effective way to stay in shape and prepare yourself for long practices and workouts when your season eventually begins.

Remember to incorporate all three of these methods when trying to stay in shape during your off-season. Without a healthy diet, you will find yourself with lower energy levels an or unfavorable results when working out. It is also important that you do not leave out one of the two types of workouts. Omitting muscle-building workouts will cause a breakdown in muscle mass, and you may find your body too weak to perform at a high level when your season rolls around. Disregarding cardio workouts will leave you unable to sustain a high energy level over a longer period of time. A healthy balance between these three easy steps will be sure to keep you in shape during the off-season and help prepare you physically when the season arrives.


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