Basketball Drills for Youth Teams

Posted: July 13, 2012 by alexkaminetzky in Announcement

Coaching a youth basketball team for the first time can be both an exhilarating and stressful experience.  It is very beneficial for the kids to spend time at the end of practice each day scrimmaging against each other in a game-like situation.  This is important because it is a lot of fun for the kids and it is great to give the kids game-like experience.  The  bulk of your practice should consist of fundamental drills such as passing, free throws, dribbling and lay-ups.  If you are having trouble thinking of ways to improve the skills of your players, here are some drills that can fill up your practice time and help your players further their abilities.

  1. Power dribble with each hand off to the side of the body
  2. Dribble the ball low to the ground with each hand
  3. Crossover dribble, focusing on getting the ball low to the ground as the ball alternates hands
  4. 2-Ball dribble down the court and back, alternating when each ball is dribbled
  5. 2-Ball dribble down the court and back, dribbling the balls at the same time
  6. 2-Ball dribble zigzagging down the court. Each time direction is changed, one ball is crossed over in front of the body while the other ball is thrown behind the back bouncing into the opposite hand.
  7. 3-Man weave down the court using one ball. Players should weave behind the player they just passed the ball to.
  8. Passing lines, two lines will face each other as players will pass the ball briskly to the other line and then the passer will join that line.
  9. Continuous layups, catching the ball and shooting it on the other side of the hoop as soon as it falls through the net.

10. Continuous layups, running in from one elbow, making a layup, dribbling to the other elbow, and repeating the process.

These drills will help your players become better dribblers, passers, and lay-up takers, which are the basics of youth basketball. If you would like to physically see some drills in action, check out this video!

If you have any drills that you would like to share, please let us know what they are.


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