Why High School-Aged Assistant Coaches Can Help Your Youth Sports Team

Posted: August 16, 2012 by alexkaminetzky in Announcement

There are many types of roles that can oversee a youth sports team and help young players develop, but one that often gets overlooked is the presence of a high school-aged assistant coach. There is no doubt that an adult can do a great job coaching a youth sports team all by themselves, but oftentimes, high school athletes can help rub their knowledge and expertise off onto younger players while also being able to relate to them easier, as they are closer in age to young players than adult coaches.

If you are the coach of a team and you know a high school athlete, whether he or she is your child or not, and has some free time on his or her hands, perhaps they would be interested in serving as an assistant coach. Many older kids would love to spend some time around younger kids playing the sport they love and helping kids grow into more skilled and mature players. They can help assist you in running practices by setting up and carrying out drills, taking equipment to practice and speaking with young athletes that would feel more comfortable conversing with an older kid rather than an adult.

When I was in high school, I helped my old soccer trainer coach his U9 boys soccer team, and though they were just a bunch of munchkins that sometimes were more interested in the dandelions on the field than the ball, they seemed to love having me around to teach them the game. My primary role was to set up drills and make sure the kids were doing them correctly, but I also talked with them during breaks in practice almost as if I was their big brother. My trainer always did a great job, but I think having me around only benefitted the kids that much more.  Not only did they enjoy having me around, I loved the experience too. It felt nice knowing that I had helped a group of younger kids learn the game.

I highly suggest that you look into finding a high school-aged assistant coach for your youth sports team if you think it would be appropriate. You will likely find that it will greatly benefit not only your team, but the high school athlete as well!


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