Sheltering Children in Sports (for Parents)

Posted: September 6, 2012 by alexkaminetzky in Announcement

This post will help you teach your children valuable life lessons through youth sports rather than protecting them from the challenges they will surely face.

  1. Stay out of their ears: The coach’s job is to coach, the player’s job is to play, and your job is to watch. Every parent should cheer on their kids, but don’t coach them from the sideline, yelling advice to them as they try to focus. Let them learn how to handle situations on their own. If they get into a tussle with another player, don’t scream anything to them. You can always talk to your son or daughter after the game if you think they misbehaved in any way.
  2. Get them to practice: No matter what age they are, all kids have urges at certain times to skip out on practice in order to do something they deem to be more important or more fun at the time. Though this will likely anger them, don’t let them skip a practice unless they have a valid excuse. This will teach them that it is important to honor commitments and be a team player. If your child gets used to getting their way with skipping out on practices from an early age, they will try to take advantage of the maneuver as often as they can.

These are two of the most common acts that parents fail to carry out effectively. However, getting into these habits from an early age will behoove your children greatly not only in their athletic futures, but their futures in general.


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