How to Become a Fan of a Winito Website

Posted: June 7, 2013 by rbolling3 in Announcement

It’s very easy to become a fan of a Winito Athletics website.  A fan, player, parent, or alumni can go to their favorite team and select “Become A Fan” under the team logo and they can also select the “Fans” tab and select the big green bottom that says “Become A Fan.”  This will prompt them sign up in the Winito database and they will have to enter their name, email, phone number etc.

Once a person has requested to become a fan, the coach and administrators of the site will receive an email to approve the fan.  As soon as a person is approved as a fan, they will receive an email 24 hours before each game, every time game scores are entered into the system and any time and administrator of the site sends out a group text/email.

To receive text messages as a player the coach or admin has to add the player to the roster with an email address. Once this is finished a player should visit your team page and “Become a Fan” under the team logo. When he/she does this they will be asked to either create a new account with Winito or sign in with a pre-existing account. It is important that the players sign up with the same email that the admin registered them with. While creating the account you will have the option to put your mobile number in and service provider. If you add your phone number you will receive a text every time the admin or coach sends an email. If you do not provide a cell phone number you will just receive an email.


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