What Will the Jets’ Quarterback Situation be in 2013-2014?

Posted: July 5, 2013 by rbolling3 in Announcement

Geno Smith, selected 39th overall in the 2013 NFL draft, will be given an opportunity to compete with Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy for the starting quarterback position this season. There has been a lot speculation on who the starter in will be in Week 1 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. So who will you see taking the opening snap? Mark Sanchez.

Due to his starting experience the Jets will start with Sanchez under center and follow a similar plan their week 1 rivals did when they drafted quarterback Josh Freeman in 2009; start a veteran until they feel comfortable enough putting the rookie into action. All things considered, the Bucs’ plan has worked quite successfully. Josh Johnson and Byron Leftwich started all games up to week 8 in the 2009 season allowing for current starter Josh Freeman to earn value game time lessons from the sideline and half a season of on field learning. Compare that to Mark Sanchez, who the Jets traded up to get in the same draft and are now desperately looking for other quarterback options.

Expect to see Geno Smith as the starting quarterback of the New York Jets by the end of the season. The Jets would do well by following the Bucs’ example by giving Smith the opportunity to learn from Sanchez or McElroy from the sideline before he is thrown into action. Due to their current quarterback situation, Smith will see many scenarios on how not to be an NFL quarterback in the NFL, which will be very beneficiary when he does go under center for the first time.


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