Former NFL QB John Kitna is Making a Diffence at Home

Posted: July 8, 2013 by cbigs97 in Announcement

For 16 years, John Kitna was a Quarterback in the NFL.  He was a starter for the Bengals, Lions and Seahawks before finishing his career backing up Tony Romo with the Dallas Cowboys. After retiring at the end of the 2011 season, Kitna did something unexpected: he returned home to his alma mater; Lincoln High School in Tacoma Washington as the Head Football Coach and Algebra teacher for the the Lincoln Abes.  Coach Kitna has found success both on and off the field. Kitna has not only been successful as a coach, but also as a teacher. Kitna has helped students who previously had no interest in learning become model “A” students and his math class has the second highest GPA in the entire school. His effect on students is so powerful it has earned the nickname “The Kitna Effect” which is described as an ability to reach kids who other teachers have not been able to help. The school’s principal described this effect by telling CBS about the environment in Kitna’s math class, “When I went in to watch him teach, I saw kids who were doing math that I’ve seen sit in other classrooms and never lift a pencil.”  You can watch the inspirational video produced by CBS on the Lincoln Abes Football website powered by Winito Athleics here: (Second video on the home page)

Winito Athletics is proud to support John Kitna’s Lincoln Abes by providing them with a world-class website for their football program. Winito Athletics wishes the Abes the best of luck in their upcoming season.  Make sure to check out Lincoln’s Football website listed above and if you want to have a world-class website for only $75.00/year per team please find some additional information on our company website

Go Abes!


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