Benefits of Winito Athletics

Posted: November 1, 2013 by sammulderig in Announcement

Winito Athletics Benefits

 Managing an athletic team or program takes time, organization, and devotion. Many times, a team’s manager is wearing multiple hats (director, coach, teacher, parent, etc.) and the team’s communication system falls to the back burner. Winito Athletics provides a professional, user friendly-website designed to improve the quality of your athletic program, without the burden of tedious site maintenance.

Winito Athletics has features that allow teams to communicate efficiently, fundraise, market their program and players, archive photos, videos and news articles and also promote community and student involvement; in turn, the man (or woman) with the many hats can have a one-stop-shop website that solves all their day to day needs and keeps everyone in the program on the same page.


Communication between coaches, players, parents and fans allows an athletic program to run fluently. Winito Athletics websites include features to assist in the elimination of communication barriers. A Winito Athletics website admin is able to send text messages and/or emails from the website or mobile-friendly site to coaches, players, fans and parents. Game and practice changes will be sent out automatically, eliminating the calling tree and headache involved with schedule changes.


 Fundraising, for most teams, is vital to the success of that program. An athletic program costs money so having some successful fundraisers will benefit every member of an athletic program.  Winito Athletics provides three different fundraisers that can provide a boost for any program.

  1. 1.   Prep Sportswear Team Store
  2. 2.   PayPal Integration for donations
  3. 3.   Ability to sell sponsorship

Team Store

 The desire to wear a team’s sporting apparel, in order to support a team, is abundant within an athlete’s relatives and fans. Wearing apparel to encourage a team creates a sense of pride within an organization.  Additionally the organization is able to market and reinforce brand recognition through the influential means of sporting apparel. With a subscription of a Winito Athletics website, a team can create a Team Store for free that show up on the top navigation bar as well as a banner advertisement.  No time is wasted setting up an apparel stand or manually distributing order forms, everything is done directly on the website and Prep Sportswear deals with all the shipping and handling.

Example Prep Sportswear Team Store

Example Prep Sportswear Team Store

Winito clients get 15% commission of all sales generated through the Winito Athletics website and Prep Sportswear provides over 600 different items to choose from.

PayPal Donations

Another way for a team to generate funds is through the means of team and player donations. Teams can utilize Winito Athletics PayPal donate feature by displaying the yellow donate button prominently on their home page. This feature also allows an athlete to send a link to their player profile that has the donate button displayed directly on their player profile page. A player’s fans can catch up on their stats and browse the team website before making a donation.

PayPal Example


Sponsorship packages are always ideal for the local businesses and are a great fundraiser for athletic programs. Sponsors benefit from teams using Winito Athletics because their webpage contains a separate tab dedicated to Sponsors. All sponsors also scroll across the bottom of the website as well. The increased benefit to the sponsor correlates to an increased funding for the team.

 Marketing/Player Profiles

Winito Athletics is highly beneficial to an aspiring collegiate athlete. Highlight videos and player profiles are extremely popular in the recruiting process. Most players post their tape to video sharing websites and send college coaches the link. With a Winito Athletic website, potential recruits can post their highlight video on their personal profile page as well as their career statistics and direct college coaches to that page. College coaches then have access to a professional layout of a player’s picture, statistics, bio an highlight video. Here is an example of a player using the Winito Athletics Profile Page to its full potential.

Sending a college coach a player profile allows the coach to browse the website in its entirety, subsequently, giving other members of the team exposure.

Along with impressing a college coach, a professional website portrays the image that a team is serious and devoted to their sport. Winito Athletics includes, but is not limited to, features displaying leader boards, and team records, to demonstrate a team’s dedication to the organization. A professional website will attract dedicated players seeking to commit to a team serious about their organization.

 Example Leaderboard

Community/Student Involvement

 Winito Athletics does not exclusively provide opportunities for athletes but for students and community members as well. It is not uncommon for student managers and booster club members to be a significant part of an athletic team. Winito Athletics creates bountiful learning opportunities for these student managers and aspiring journalism students. With access to the website, student managers will learn organizational skills, how to update and manage a website, how to record statistical information and can also get an opportunity to write game recaps and news articles.

One of Winito Athletics client’s, Beech High School, TN has their Sports Marketing classes update and maintain their website.  Between their five Sports Marketing classes, the website is kept up to date with rosters, news articles, game scores and announcements.  Admins of the site can assign administrators to be an admin of the entire athletic website or just an individual team.


Storing records, statistics, videos, photos and other valuable information is invaluable to an athletic program.  Winito Athletics provides unlimited storage space for photos, videos and new articles and automatically archives all this information by season so every player gets something to show for when their playing days are over and so players can come back and check all their team’s memories long after they graduate.

 Winito Athletics is more than a website.  It’s a one-stop shop for any athletic program.  It solves the day to day needs for any athletic program and truly benefits every member of an athletic organization.  Whether you are an entire athletic department, an AAU basketball team or a Little League baseball team, Winito Athletics provides a user-friendly platform that will keep an athletic program on the same page and moving in the right direction.

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