Ustream Instructions

Posted: November 26, 2013 by connorohalloran in Announcement

Winito Athletics is now providing a way for teams and organizations to broadcast games live on their Winito Athletics websites for free via UStream! Follow the directions below to to create a UStream account and start broadcasting your games so no one misses out on the action.

If you have an existing UStream account you can copy/paste the URL below. If not, create an account by following these instructions.

Click here to be directed to the Ustream Sign Up

Ustream Sign Up


Create your title for your channel i.e. “Panther Football Games 2013”

We suggest using the category “high school sports”.

Under your adobe flash player setting click Allow. This will allow UStream access to your microphone and camera.

Copy / paste the “Your URL” URL into the Winito platform in your Manage tab to link your Ustream account to your Winito Athletics website.


Att this point your Ustream account will be connected to your Winito Athletics website.  All you have to do to brodcast your games is download the Usteram app on your iPhone or Android device and start streaming your games at that time.


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