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Be a Stand Out Recruit

Posted: September 30, 2013 by sammulderig in Tips & Advise

Almost any athlete that wishes to play at the collegiate level will go through the recruiting process. At first, the idea of being recruited by a college coach can be intimidating and an athlete may feel elevated stress to impress a coach. When the pressure to impress begins keep in mind a few of these helpful tips.

The most vital idea to remember during the recruiting process is to always assume someone is watching you. This thought can be interpreted as a negative or positive (I like to think of the glass being half full in this scenario).   Whether it be the last inning of 0-0 game with a runner on third, or just a pre game warm up, what you do during these moments can affect a coach’s recruitment decision. During a pre game warm up, if a college coach sees a player working hard,  hustling after every ball, and getting their team pumped up for game time, that player already left a favorable impression on the coach before the game even began. Utilize the pre game warm up as an opportunity to showcase your skills and attributes because a college coach can learn a lot about a player just from watching them stretch and take batting practice before a game.

When you are in the midst of the recruiting process always bring your best attitude to the plate. It is impossible to say what exactly a college coach looks for in their recruits because each coach is looking for various qualities; having a strong presence on the field will only help you get noticed by a coach. Display your passion and love for the game by cheering on teammates and keeping the energy high. My college coach would always tell my team to focus on “controlling the controllable”. In softball or baseball you may not have one ball hit to you all game but attitude is one thing an athlete has complete control over during a game. Use your attitude to your advantage because, although talent and statistics are essential to a coach, they also pay attention to the details.

Having a college coach come to see you play can be nerve racking, however, try not to let your nerves get the best of you. Pressing to make an outstanding play just to impress a coach could ultimately be your downfall. Instead, channel that excited energy into playing hard. A college coach knows that a single game does not define an athlete so be sure to not put too much pressure on yourself throughout the game. Play to win and because you love being on the field, this confidence will surely be recognizable to a college coach.

Being recruited is a climatic moment in a young athletes life. The actions and decisions made now can contribute to an athlete’s future college career. This process should be new and exciting for a player, not strenuous. Keep these valuable tips in mind during the process to become a stand out recruit.


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3 Ways To Change Your Thinking & Market Your Athletic Program

Posted: November 7, 2011 by connorohalloran in Tips & Advise

The Winter season for high school athletics is kicking off this month. What are you doing to make this year more successful than the last?

Think of your athletic program as an integral part of your local community. Your role as an athletic director or coach is to help keep your community up to date and involved in what you are doing so they feel invested in the success of your program. (more…)

Sports Fundraising Through Mentoring

Posted: November 7, 2011 by connorohalloran in Tips & Advise

We love it when fundraising can be fun, educational and help build the next generation of athletes. This idea certainly is a team fundraising winner!

Once a year, or maybe once a season, each team in your sports organization should hold a mentoring training session for the next generation of athletes. We know your athletes may seem like they don’t listen at times, or they’re just too cool for school, but years of training do rub off and they have a lot of knowledge they can share with prospective athletes. (more…)

Turn A Love of Sports Into A Love Of Fundraising

Posted: November 4, 2011 by connorohalloran in Tips & Advise

The parents and fans of your athletes are often the biggest sports fans, spending countless hours watching the games and discussing them with their friends. By plugging into your community’s love for sports, you can fundraise more effectively because you know your donors are having fun while donating. (more…)

How To Put Volunteers to Work For Your Athletic Program

Posted: October 23, 2011 by Winito Inc. in Tips & Advise

It’s always nice when parents volunteer to help, but organizing all the volunteers can take a lot of time that you don’t have. It may seem funny to establish a hierarchy among volunteers, but it can save you countless hours answering questions and emails. (more…)

5 Habits of Effective Athletic Programs

Posted: September 25, 2011 by Winito Inc. in Tips & Advise

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